Garage Doors 101: Your Guard to Overhead Door Troubleshooting

Dealing with a broken or problematic garage door can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how to go about repairing garage doors or if you’re simply unfamiliar with its internal mechanisms. When you’re dealing with a stuck, jammed, or broken garage door, turning to overhead door troubleshooting guides can help you through the process. Even if you’ve attempted your own overhead door troubleshooting to no avail, there are a few tips to keep in mind that may help you before calling in the professionals.

Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close Correctly

If your garage door doesn’t open or close correctly, you’ll need to consider some overhead door troubleshooting tips that can help restore the door to its natural working order. Before calling local garage door repair companies, there are a few tips you can remember and attempt to ensure you’ve exhausted all of your at-home repair options. One of the first steps to keep in mind is to check the power source of the current garage door itself to determine its receiving power and that there are no issues with the cord or plug itself.

If you notice your garage door doesn’t open or close when attempting to use your remote control, be sure to check the remote for batteries. Replace existing batteries to determine if the batteries were the root cause of the issue. You can also attempt to utilize your garage door even if it’s stuck with an emergency release cord included (in many cases). Be sure to follow instructions and guidance in any manual you own to ensure you take the necessary precautions before attempting to open or close your garage door manually.

If you’ve tried all the basic options for maintaining your garage door, and you’re dealing with a commercial-grade garage, it may be time to think of calling in professionals who specialize in commercial garage door repair. Hiring a commercial contractor is only necessary when you own or operate a commercial property, regardless of your purpose for doing so at the time. Finding the right contractor or company can help significantly in alleviating stresses associated with repairs and issues.

The Garage Door Sticks During Opening and Closing

If your garage door keeps sticking or jerking anytime you attempt to open and close it, you can reference your overhead door troubleshooting manual or inspect the area yourself. Ensure that the surrounding area of the garage door is not being blocked by any obstacles, such as boxes or even large pieces of furniture. Even a simple branch has the power to interfere with the functions of your garage door, especially when it is powered by remote control.

Clean the tracking of your garage door, as this may contribute to its sticking or jerking movements when you’re attempting to open and close it. Eliminating grease buildup, dirt, and even surrounding debris can help significantly in smoothing the operation of a garage door. If possible, take a bit more time to inspect the spring tension or any additional extension springs currently installed on your garage door to determine if they are worn out and in need of a replacement.

If you’re unable to determine why your garage is jerking and sticking every time you open and close it, you might want to find a garage door install expert to assist. Professional garage door experts are well-versed in inspecting garage doors, regardless of the make and model you currently own. A professional garage door specialist can also quickly replace worn out components while ensuring your garage door works properly before leaving your home.

Your Garage is Too Cluttered

When your garage is littered with boxes and too cluttered, there’s an increased risk of interfering with your garage door each time you enter and exit. If your garage is too cluttered, and you do not know where to begin, working with a professional garage cleaning company is highly recommended. Those who work for garage cleaning companies are experts at organization and de-cluttering and can ensure your belongings remain protected at all times during the process.

Finding a garage cleaning service can help alleviate the stress associated with organizing a cluttered space, especially if you feel overwhelmed every time you walk into your garage or attempt to access it. Once you’ve determined which items and boxes you want to keep in your garage, you can also seek garage storage services to store your belongings after the de-cluttering process is complete. Garage storage companies provide you with additional space outside your home where you can store and protect additional belongings, pieces of furniture, or even clothing that you no longer have room for in your home or garage.

Garage Doors Are Becoming Increasingly Noisy

Garage doors may become noisy over time for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes, this is due to a lack of lubrication on the garage door’s track, hinges, springs, or even internal rollers. In some cases, garage doors might become noisy if the tracks are no longer aligned or if any of the door’s hardware has come loose and is no longer properly tightened. If you notice that your garage door has become increasingly noisy anytime you attempt to open or use it, there is likely an issue that needs to be remedied to prevent long-term damage to the internal components of the garage door itself.

If you’ve referenced your overhead door troubleshooting manual and inspected your garage door to no avail, it may be time to call in the professionals. Seeking help with a noisy garage from trusted garage door companies can help you easily pinpoint and identify the root cause of the problem, saving you time and plenty of headaches. A garage door expert will also help with track alignment and hardware-tightening needs if the problem is minor and can be addressed on the spot.

You Can Close Your Garage Door Partially

When you’re browsing through your overhead door troubleshooting, you may discover that it’s possible for garage doors to close partially. This is often due to potential obstructions from an overcrowded garage, but it can also mean that there is a limit switch issue with your garage door. If you have a limit switch in place with your garage door opener, you may need to adjust its settings, as they can be limited to how far the door will travel each time your garage door’s remote control is utilized.

Your Garage Door Falls When Closing

If you notice that your garage door is closing faster than usual or if it’s simply falling and dropping to the ground, it’s likely time to call in garage door professionals immediately. A falling garage door will not only damage the internal structure of your entire garage door system, but it’s also a significant risk to those in your household and those nearby. When a garage door is falling rapidly, it’s likely due to issues with the spring components installed.

Conducting a spring inspection is recommended when your garage door begins to fall too quickly when it’s closing or if you’ve lost complete and total control of the garage door entirely. To conduct a spring inspection, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the basics of your garage door’s springs and extension springs to know how to identify wear and tear. You may also need to take the time to adjust the tension of any springs that are installed in your garage door to tighten and secure them properly.

For those who believe their garage doors are malfunctioning due to spring issues but are unsure of how to inspect the springs themselves, working with local commercial or residential garage repair companies is often the way to go. When you hire a professional garage repair company, you can prevent causing injuries or harm to yourself and anyone else in your household. Additionally, a professional contractor who specializes in the repair and replacement of residential garages will also be licensed, certified, and insured to do so on your property.

When you’re thinking of hiring a contractor or company to aid in the repair or replacement of your garage door or your entire system, you’ll always need to verify the licensing, insurance, and certification presented to you. As a homeowner, it is crucial to protect yourself from being held legally or financially liable for any accidents or injuries that may take place while someone is working on your garage door in a professional capacity.

Malfunctioning of the Remote Control

When it comes to overhead door troubleshooting, remote control malfunctions are not uncommon with garage doors, unfortunately. A malfunction of a garage door’s remote control can be due to a lack of batteries that require replacing or even interference from nearby appliances and wireless electronics that are currently in use near the current door itself. Anytime you’re struggling to determine why your remote control is no longer working in your garage, you can refer to your standard manual or seek help from local garage contractors, depending on where you’re located.

A garage door contractor will inspect your garage door’s internal and external components to determine what may be causing issues with your remote control, especially after it has been determined that your remote control is in proper working condition. When you’re working with an expert who specializes in repairing garage doors, you can also learn more about the types of garage doors and remote controls on the market today. Ask questions and learn how you can better protect your garage door from malfunctioning in the future after it’s repaired when you’re working with a trusted and reputable garage door repair company near you.

Weather Sealing Trouble

If you live in a region where the climate can be unpredictable or if you’re located in an area where all four seasons are present, you’re much more likely to encounter weather sealing trouble when it comes to your garage door. Weather sealing issues typically arise due to excessive moisture over a period, leading to weather stripping towards the bottom of traditional residential and commercial garage doors. Whether you’re in the market for a residential contractor or commercial garage door repairs for weather sealing, it’s important to hire someone who has plenty of experience with weather sealing and stripping issues to ensure the best outcome.

A professional garage door repair company can also assess the seals surrounding your garage and the garage door you have in place. This will help determine if the garage door has any cracks surrounding it and the potential causes. Garage door professionals will provide you with an overview of your options from basic and extensive repairs to complete replacements, depending on your timeline, the type of door you currently have installed, and your budget.

When to Call in the Professionals

If you’re dealing with an oversize commercial garage door, or you simply cannot fix your own residential garage door, you’ll want to know when the time is right to call in the professionals. After you’ve tried replacing remote batteries, and you’ve inspected the power source for your garage door, you can then begin searching for a trusted garage door repair service near you. Before choosing which garage contractor or company to hire, you’ll also want to ensure they’re a suitable match for your needs.

While you’re searching for a professional garage door repair company, be sure to take some time to reference reviews and testimonials left by verified customers and clients. You can also review portfolios to ensure you’re hiring a professional or company with experience in residential garage doors similar to your own. Additionally, if you’re thinking of hiring a solo contractor, you’ll also want to ensure they’re licensed, insured, and certified to work in your city and state before you allow them to get to work on your garage door.

Overhead door troubleshooting may seem tedious, but it’s often essential when you’re dealing with a broken or inoperable garage door, especially when you store your vehicles or personal items inside your garage. When you’re a homeowner, and you’re not familiar with overhead door troubleshooting, calling in professional garage door experts is always highly recommended. The more familiar a contractor is with various types of garage doors and remotes, the easier it’ll be for them to pinpoint the exact issue to provide repair options and solutions immediately.

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