The Best Technique for Garage Door Installation

Installing garage doors can be different from installing regular doors. It’s technical and dangerous if one doesn’t know what they’re doing. Successful installation requires one to follow a step-by-step process as shown in the video. Below are the steps to follow when installing a garage door:

1. Identification of the Panels

Usually, four panels are enough for a garage door. One must identify the bottom panel first.

Video Source

It should have weather stripping on the bottom or a contour where you can easily fit the stripping.

2. Installation of Hinges and Roller Brackets

Screw the hinges in place. Lay brackets on the two ends of the bottom panel and screw them in place on top of the weather stripping using lag screws.

3. Installation of Hinges and Roller Brackets

The bottom panel should be placed at the door opening, and then the rollers fitted into the brackets and hinge holes. Place the roller tracks in place, making sure it is wrapped well around the wheels, then lag screwed to the frame. Screw in the other panels and place the rollers in the hinge holes.

4. Installation of the Spring System

The spring helps pick the door up. It should be placed carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

After installation, one should lubricate the spring system and carefully install a door opener. Finally, one should follow each step meticulously to avoid accidents. You can always seek the services of a garage door installer to be safe.


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