Proper Maintenance for Your Garage Door

Since your garage door and opener get used daily, they will need regular maintenance. Garage door maintenance ensures your garage door works properly for a long time. It also prevents you from the need to replace it soon enough.

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Monthly garage door maintenance checks are great, but reference the owner’s manual for specifics. Ensure you test the garage door balance, close it, and disconnect the carriage from the chain or belt by pulling the release handle. Lift the door manually now. Open it about halfway. If it stays in place, all is fine and the door is balanced. If it does not stay put, notify a service technician.

To re-engage the carriage, move it back towards the opener. Next is the contact reverse task. Start by opening the door and placing a 2×4 on the ground at the center of the opening. Close the door. If it contacts the board, the door should reverse, if it does not, the downforce control limit must be adjusted. You can set it by following your opener’s direction.

The little devices on the bottom of your door are photo eye sensors. They prevent the door from closing when there is something in the opening. Make sure they are aligned and close the door. Wave something through the beam between them. The door should reverse direction, if not, clean the sensors with a damp cotton swab and try again.


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