How Do Contractors Install Garage Doors?

In this instructional video, the meticulous process of installing garage doors is presented with precision and clarity. The installation commences with the strategic attachment of hinges to the midpoint of each door section, ensuring optimal movement within the track. The subsequent insertion of rollers into the hinges and the securement of brackets for lifting cables showcases a thoughtful approach to the foundational components of the garage door system.

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An emphasis on detail is evident as weatherstripping is applied to the door’s bottom, providing a protective seal against external elements. The securement of brackets with lag screws reinforces the structural integrity of the assembly. The step-by-step attachment of panels follows, promoting alignment and a precise fit within the door opening. Lag screws are employed to firmly anchor each panel, contributing to a seamless and parallel configuration.

Continuing with systematic precision, the track is wrapped around the wheels and secured with lag screws, ensuring a cohesive assembly. The installation of the spring, a pivotal component for lifting the garage door, is executed with attention to safety using vise grips to temporarily immobilize the door. The cable attachment is accompanied by safety measures, including the installation of an S hook and a safety cable.

The meticulous check of spring tension underscores the commitment to a smoothly functioning garage door. This comprehensive guide serves as an invaluable resource, offering viewers a clear understanding of each installation step while highlighting the significance of precision and safety in the process.

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