Understanding Options Generators

During major storms, it’s important to have options in place should the power go out. Many turn to using home generators to power their home, however, many don’t understand the different ways in which the generators can and should be used. Understanding the options for generators allows homeowners to decide the best way to utilize them.

Many will choose a portable generator and run extension chords from it into the home. These generators typically run around 400 to 800 dollars depending on the size and the brand, making them a cost-effective option.

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The extension chord should be run to essential items, such as the refrigerator, the water tank, and the sump pump. The major drawback with this option is the number of cords you will have to walk over in the home.

Another option that also utilizes the same style of generator is to purchase a 30 amp cord. In order to use this cord, an electrician will have to come to the home to install an outlet to the home’s exterior. This outlet will send power directly to the circuit box, powering the entire home.

For additional information about understanding the options for using generators, please review the attached video.


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