How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Having a new garage door will always give your home an instant facelift. It could even boost your home’s curb appeal. But if you need a new garage door opener, know that it’s a big job that needs heavy lifting and even electrical work. If you want to learn tips for installing a garage door opener, then check out this video for more tips.

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1. Hire Garage Door Installer Experts

You can always DIY on all things. However, garage door opener installation should be best left to experts and professionals. Why? This is for safety reasons.

If installed incorrectly, the garage door could end up malfunctioning and unsafe. It could cause injury and it’s even more vulnerable to break-ins.

2. Avoid Using Old Parts

While it’s cost-effective to use old things, you should know that garage doors also come with their own offsets. In fact, the distance of the door is set from the garage wall right before it closes. You may buy models with rails and you may also find a garage with gussets to always keep the garage door rails at a certain distance.

3. Sensors Must Be Working Properly

You must try not to remove the garage door’s built-in eye beam sensor. This is for safety and you may probably have the urge to take or move it off the cluttered floor.


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